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  • The Right Fit

    The Right Fit

    Workforce training is the first step toward industry success.  With the right materials and training, even the most inept employee can become the star player of an organization. The potential that is hidden in every employee is the reason why companies spend on training and workforce development. Employees are the lifeblood of a company and [...]

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  • Refer your friends and earn up to 7,000Php!!!

    Refer your friends and earn up to 7,000Php!!!

    Do you know someone exploring for a new job? Are you a freelance recruiter? A friend of a friend who’s into networking? An HR professional with substantial number of applicants in your database?  An engineer? A programmer? Well, whoever you are as long as you know someone looking for a job for any of these [...]

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  • Team Building: What it’s all about

    Team Building: What it’s all about

    T.E.A.M! Together, Everyone Achieves More Team building activities are all the rage nowadays. It seems like every company hosts one every year. But what is it exactly? Do you just play games and do some socializing? Is it a company-paid vacation? People are seeing the value of a well-oiled organization and slowly, these activities are becoming yearly staples [...]

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  • Stress! No, wait! Overtraining!

    Stress! No, wait! Overtraining!

    Train the workforce! But not too much Training in the workplace is of the utmost importance. It exposes your employees to new ideas and new avenues of thought. Kind of like a computer or app update, it makes them better; more efficient. A lot of companies spend a lot of money in training, keeping their workforce competitive. [...]

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  • 3 Reasons why Training Fails

    3 Reasons why Training Fails

    Training is done with improvement and development in mind. If it is done just for the sake of doing it, training  is nothing more than wasted time, money, and effort. Do not fall into this trap. Only avail of training with specific objectives in mind. Most important of all, follow through. Training is nothing without application [...]

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